Tank R.O. Pure Filter 6 Stage


6 Phase Filtration System for Cleaner and healthier drinking water. R.O Shield Technology

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  • purifies from dust,insects,fiber rust,impurities and sand
  • purifies from color,odor,chlorine, gases,taste&organic materials
  • ensures the optimum water purification from color,odor,chlorine,gases,taste&organic materials
  • purifies the water of total dissolved solid, heavy metals and bacteria
  • contains active carbon from coconut shell to improve water’s taste and to adsorb gases and odor
  • the cartridge serves to neutralize p.h and acidity of water for the enjoyment of healthy water


What are the advantages of the Tank R.O. Pure Filter 6 Stage ?

– The water filter has been tested at the factory and is ready for the instant installation which means you are going to offer a safe and natural water for you and your family shortly.

– Manual that shows you how to preserve the filter and the cartridges to ensure an easy and safe usage.

– One filter with 7 stages of purification in addition to a strong pump to provide you with pure water anytime and effortlessly in your home.

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